fasers by Szubinski

FASERS and GALAXY existance fase

By Henryk Szubinski

THE TEETHING OF one vector universe mooving to the right while the vector of the universe back displaces to the left:



the basics of a universe where the basic building blocks are the related to ancient remants of stellar traces from the long period spanning early inflations where the basics of timespace continuiims were prevalant in their related to particle period from which a great deal of data on states in ordered variance …as a example the scillicate period and its plasma or gas as well as fluid and solid states

so that




1) H2O s) without any basic representation of a fluidity or  > density of its core than is the solid state as such a large amount of centralised star matter is missing and the theory is based on a dark matter fase where there is no clear difference of super dense states  due to the early universe being previous to compacted density of super massive balck holes and super giants

2) the H2O reference to a solid internal core value in the fase of molecular combibnations of a similar 4 state matter relations so that the solid is based on gravity that rotates the fluid state about it in rings such as Saturn or in in clouds that contribute to larger stellar collectives in a densified core so that the signature is different from fase 1) as the basic expansion out and not in of the break up of atoms and increased molecular velocities meaning that on fase 1) where there is no core: the existance of a core would define the prime matter as the dark matter expands out and fases 1 are exchanged with fase 2 where there is fluidity of solids upto the point where they have no 1 trace meaning they avoid detection by being opposite to heat dyanamics in a cooling effect of the digit between

dark matter solid————super dense—–THE DECIMAL DIGIT —-fluid——–expansion—————solid

the digit will basically cool the responsive CAUSE of super dense and densified relations between higher motion activity of atoms

dark matter solid—-cooled DIGIT——-super dense—————-decimal remains————-fluid—-expansion——-solid



the compounding of states into values of density where there is only a sphere of super dense materials and the rest of the matter is a surrounding collapse of the universes deflatory fase so that the fase in the history is LINKED by the DIGIT fase of a reference to the exterior of a objective cause of the matter states upto PLASMA while the deciaml trace will locate the point where

INFLATION MEETS DEFLATION and defines the existance of dark matter cooling as cold matter which basically balances out the equations of there being a core value even in fluid COMPOUND COMPLEXITY ON THE INTERNAL CORES in one fase AND THE EXTERNAL CORE FLUID STATE COMPOUNDING as well as the multiple without any of the COMPOUNDING OF examples without a comparative need for a basis in the DEFLATION FASE OF THE UNIVERSE as a  type sequence:



this cannot be done with 3 states or even 4 states of matter without there being in the least 3 compound values of

type 1,2,3 gas giants and rings as well as the fluidity of its external or internal 4 th state comparatives for there to be a existance of related to fase differences..

THE GALACTIC FASE defines the missing complexity as the period that humans are in right now in the universes history as = GALACTIC rotation

cold matter is then = ionisations of core values that have no signature relations and are common to all states of matter

dark matter is the odd value out when the comparative time vectors result in the external complexity of no matter = rotation of gas planet rings

as 2 new molecular formulaes theese are then:

1)the cold ion displaces through all states of matter

2)the rotations into 1/3 fased spacetime by warping itself into its own quant shadow=2/3

by its 3 value photon mechanical vale singularity





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