and sci fi

By Henryk Szubinski




and the remains of ROBOTIC SCI FI STORIES in Eourope that were altered by the Eourope of the 10′ s and 30’s

at which time data that survived was used by:


.3 LAWS of WHAT robot


basic INDIAN advances in astronomy as based on single particle reversal of number  COEFFICIENCIES


as WHY a ROBOT would Walk

basic TIBETAN  Astronomy as the definitions of the general area of super singular particles as being related to the QUANTUM MECHANICS of Intelligence as what a ROBOT would think

basic locational functions and the hidden valley as a place of life giving power


basic EGYPTIAN astronomy as the quantum mechanics of the seperations of the field theories in usage where the INTERACTIVE gravitron defines time reversal or BEING of a mechanical ROBOT and its sensations

The remaining  data on the usage of a sequence play back mechanism for the basics of EOUROPEAN ASTRONOMY as being continually stabilised in one UNIVERSE of relativity




and continuall destabilised in the ALTERNATE universe…the data on the problems in thoose regions are accessable by the LITERATURE OF JOURNALISTS who travelled to theese lands and BROUGHT back a wealth of PHILOSOPHICAL DATA concerning the ATTITUDES ON ASTRONOMY as was NOT REALLY ASTROLOGY but a basic translation into EOUROPEAN BASIC concepts:

The Man , a English man and TRaveller who searched for and found the MEDIATIVE concepts of Astronomy that  HAD SURROUNDED Eourope and Brought them back….to Eourope..

A Eourope that had never heard of  LEVITATIONS so that there was a general PANIC IN EOUROPE that LEVITATION could spread by thinking about it

So much for the operatives that try to playback all the data on the JOURNALISM that not only included LEVITATION

but defines its reality only as contemplation leaving space over for the common MEDIATIONS of similar LIMITATIONS of thought between humans based on things like

warp drives

force fields


higher than light speed

superconductability at room temeperature

HYPERSPACEING in 10 Dimensions

Knowing everything



BRUNTON IMPLIES knowing about it is enough to have conquered the Eastern Secrets of thought because they are basic exaggerations of the  Human capability BUT are also  ASTROPHYSICS at the level where shareing the thought dimensions is equal to theorising on them by knowing right from wrong






data on why weight  + Intelligence = walk has facinated theese cultural zones in the Eastern World….The concepts are altered into astrophysics but they still seem to have the early influences of what makes people tick at their most basic level:

walking ,,,sensing,,,thinking about why time is beyond and so on..

Paul Brunton (1898-1981)
Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 15: Advanced Contemplation,

In the section on Superman, I’ve noted that Christopher Reeve made an audio recording of Paul Brunton’s The Secret Path (1935). PB knew about siddhisas his first spiritual mentor, Allan Bennett, could perform them, but had forsaken these occult powers for spiritual enlightenment. PB writes in hisNotebooks: Volume 15: Advanced Contemplation, Ch. 7: “This feeling of extreme lightness, of entire independence from the body, may grow to such an extreme point of intensity that the idea of being actually levitated into the air may take hold of his mind. He is in such a state that inner reality is confused with physical reality.” (para #70) In that deeper state when the body is held still with concentration, the mind paradoxically feels most liberated. (#72) There will be no sensation of weight in his physical body and a light airy feeling will replace it. It will also seem as though a heavy inner body has fallen away from him, leaving an ethereal detachment, a delightful liberation, as a result. (#75) You will experience the sensation of rising, of hovering over your body. (#88) He will feel that he has become an air-being, bodiless and weightless. (#91) We enter into paradise when, in contemplation, we enter into awareness of the Overself. (#96)

the thing is to go out without contemplating……and basically Idology will leave you alone


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