hyperspace cobe clusters


By Henryk Szubinski

the differences of a positional relations with any gas planet as related to the background of a type nebulousity or galaxy

the basics of a altered parameter = positionality + S

as the altered states of their field universe and the basics of doing theese types of manouvres in hyperspace at which point a galaxy on the edge of COBE data can imply that this is currently happening with hot and cold bodies of galactic clusters as well as the hyperspace relations to the altered specifics of doing 1 rotation about the universe which would account for a type 1 symmetry where the foreground and backgroung galactic clusters in hot and cold relations would alter their foreground and background relations where the interactive foreground galactic clusters woud remainin in their position while 1 rotation or 1/2 Cir = the background alters its background status..

This is a basic displacement problem where

fo /ba = ho/co ( 1/2 Cir ) x

and the displacement of any

S(fo /ba) = ho /co (1/2 Cir) x

by a basic opposition in which the data on super stabilisations of the field  integrity by a density of galactic clusters and their related to multiples so that a

3 value temperature range = similar amount of clusters ba/fo

the basic sustainement of this 3D alteration that always remains the same due to the positional reference reality of a body in its cussioned relations to the amount of force that can guide the spaceship through real time left and right fieds of view in a simultaneity of the top as well as any x,y,z coordinates while all foreground background values remain where they are due to a larger force cussioning.


actually the force is there wherever there is a background galaxy or star system which can be force mapped with the foreground values of planets in alternate galaxies that a spaceship would moove trough making stops to observe the general value symmetry of all stellar and galactic bodies in the types of map relation points that work throughout the universe as the 3 D reality of combined positionings at higher than light speed and warp drive anti gravity as well as force fields…..and much more..

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