universal volume increases


By Henryk Szubinski

IF there is a basis of everything being the same

there is a basis for the type of solidity without any previous levels of comparisons with any post value solids

and the retraction from the universe occurs in 3 stages

1) universe

2) external universe

3)multiple externality

as based on a sequence of increasing values

1 squared , 2 cubed, 3 to the 4

the basis of 1 squared remains the same

2 cubed =16

and 3 to the 4 =81

the basic multiples of universal volume are then

1,16,81 Volume increases

If there is no primary point in the sequence = >1<1

then the whole universe does not exist

If this is true for the remaining numbers of

volume 2= 16 billion L.y-2 m-3


Volume 3 =81 Billion L.y-2 m-3

then there is no sum value = 3 dimensions where the dimension 1 =1 L.y-2m-3

due to no similarity

and dimension 3 = 3 L.y -2 m-3

is the same as all other dimensions

bacause if

a cube = 1

and a square = 1

as well as the 3  to the 4 =3 event increases of  3 to the 4

is a divisive of the same number in 3 stages =3

the sum  value Missing = 3 stages >3 event increases < 3 to the 4

by defining the possible strength of the argument as the sum value of a missing parameter = hyperspace 10 D universe

the sum value 10 D =10 stages >9 event increases <8 to the 7>6 stages<5 event increases>4 to the 3 <2 stages>1 event increase < zero the the -1

had there been no cause for the sum value missing , there would be no cause for the 10 D hyperspace sequence that locates it by Stringing its way through the ordering of values into a general vector that takes values and compensates for the subsequent conservations of values…

By comparing to values that do not exist in the prime fase but can be ordered in such a way that does not exclude them


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