friction universe


motion differences

on the frictional universe

By Henryk Szubinski





shown below are 15 frictional laws and their reasons for defining the real possibilities;as well as the illustrations of their 3 volume interactives..







when a object in space rotates it does so without any resistance or friction

This problem is not encountered anywhere where there are rotating bodies..

As for Earth and its atmospherical opposition to Earth burning up by its minimal moove on the energy or force in its core as expended or put to use would see it suddeenly turn to a fire ball

So why does it not…As for the sun , also with its corona and high temperature , but had it suddenly used its core energy or force it too would suddenly burst into a fireball to  a speck of dust.

Even when Newtonian Mechanics and the Einstein relativity define the conservations of helium and hydrogen at the suns core there is no 3 rd particle that would account for the electron frictional orbital..

There is it seems only time and the universe has a lot of it. Upto a 15 billion year event for one star or one planet to suddenly sense that its being opposed by friction and the universe becomes unwound or untangled…

The basics of the atomic models have to be wrong what is happening to everything in the universe so closely tied together by a


friction / untanglement =1/  Universe G value


.well it must be open and its opening must be observably monitored to define the increase or decrease of its dynamics as basic as 2 open areas in a circumference of interactions by motion between the variances of their possibilities where the LINK is not time but motion differences between them..





dry friction;

to loacte a small object on a exo solar system 10 million years away might not be so easy

by normal force:to actually find such a parameter where two surfaces can be LINKED into a parallell would be as difficult if not greatly so

coefficiency of friction: as a remote type of force that can extend a humans arms and press together 2 surfaces to see what it takes to define a symmetry at such distances




static friction

to observe 2 objects mooving a gainst each other while making the detail of one being on a incline much like observing a car mechanic on planet x , 50 million light years away




kinetic friction

to actually rubb two surfaces together might work on  a even in Jupiters atmosphere if the knowledge of a surface relative to the active motivations for usage of force in a basically minimal parameter of events as is with human effors as being the instance of theese two surfaces where the resultance can be repeated to give a value observed by actually being there and rubbing them on the floor




angle of friction

Ok being present as 2 events gradually dislodge from their surface context STICK LIKE GLUE and to measure this as being relative to a 1 micron event particle is easy but what about at 10 billion light years from now




Basically every friction event can be defined in relations to repeatable experiments but why is it that the only evidence for friction on Earth exists at the very limits of the atmosphere,…can it be that they end there and what takes over is the resultance of the wastage of the eco system which so much depends on..




to actually measure the range of the perspective distance of one object in relation to another object as far as one can measure with the human body would on a 1 metre basis work but what about the reference of scalar values with the human universe that is observbing it without  enough evidence of intelligence , back,  with data that is remotely so or not so



friction at the atomic level

shure, if you can get a nano mashine on MArs to seperate and put together atoms you might have a great mashine but would it actually define the basis of atomic structure on 2 levels being the same that makes the construct possible by natural laws



fluid friction

density decreases and motion increases , this is true when the basis of a comfort zone is made, on the basis of a comfort zone for a molecule mooving about at 1 m per sec it might be enough to define it on the human scale but does a molecule feel like a human, does it even share its won size and moovement with smaller atoms that relate with gretaer conservations of force by a greater usage of force as is with  the greater intelligence, which might at any moment seece to exits




lubricated friction

you see the frictiobnal events everywhere throughout the universe but is friction something that can be biult on as a library of friction x event = the loss of eco system force

or in cases of

IF the friction on alpha centsauris largest star has a frictional event of 1 billion Kj will it adversely effect its exo planetary systems with a similar loss of a totally different frictional event such as fluid friction and will this depend on the human motivations on a greatly altered future of a exo planetary earth type where this will never be measured by the friction at the atomic model


so what of the 2 surfaces and the fluid inbetween, this can be a time wasting type of quantal reality


internal friction

plastic deformation on the ANDromeda galaxy how well would that stand to account for a vegetative planet where there is not way a bacterial colony could use a elastic material and use it for type polymer applications to make comparative measurements , ok what if, but what if half of the universe is in this way..



rolling resistance


Ok so you have a wheel and want to know it rolling resistance but what if there are no great wheels in orbit about PLUTO or on a nebulae far away: this would imply that rolling resistance or resistance in general is a technological event and that there might be or are gradual advancements being made to the existance of a spacestation wgheel about orbit above MARS but what if this is not the internal or surface reality even if there are craters that are not continually in the exposure zone of the sun and are as such not even 50 %  regularity =  formats..of symmetry



tribo electric effect


who would say that the universe started out by a flamable event in which the rubbing together of one side of the universe with its alternate side or hemisphere would collect enough static electricity to set of a big bang: well that is what the theory of the universe sounds like, even as such the possibility would be very dangerous in case a aline being on another star system decides to check out the possibility and starts a new BIG BANG while the possibility of the universes size is not readily comparable to any event within it to such a large extent of hazzard that its would be usefull to make it known to every inhabitant of the universe that this would definetly end everyone and everything…how can such a frictional state exist outside or inside of a planet with intelligent humans..



belt friction

Ok the usage of a belt and 2 point s of rotation can readily be used as type slingshooting around the orbits of stars or planets but what of the frictional event that defines this friction as the only real possibility of there existing anywhere a friction related to external reality of frictional events and theyr are the basis of a naturally occuring law, but with one flaw; it is mechanical and constructed in such a way that it would imply the existance of a constructive symmetry in the universe.. MEaning that real friction mechanisms might be the rule of law and that the symmettries for their random constructs could be compositely possible while at 99 % of the universes construct artificiality while only 1 % of it is actually used while the rest of the universes force goes into such constructs..





energy of friction


When an object is pushed along a surface, the energy converted to heat is given by:

E_{th} = \mu_\mathrm{k} \int F_\mathrm{n}(x) dx\,


F_{n}\, is the normal force,
\mu_\mathrm{k}\, is the coefficient of kinetic friction,
x\, is the coordinate along which the object transverses.

Energy lost to a system as a result of friction is a classic example of thermodynamic irreversibility.


to observe a singular eevent with a telescope so far away that the focus on its pont specific parameter of occurance such as a anti matter particle which would not  be destroyed as friction but which would be so gratly outnumbered by the distance to the observer and the speed of light that the event of the observer would use up his own bio fuel that runs his or hers body at such a rate that had it reached the same position as the observed event particle it would be fased ou by the size of the spacetime in which the human energy or force of bio sustainability had been displaced through..




work of friction


So there are spaces and there are matter volumes that can under certain circumstances act in opposite vector directions but what about the position of a central law that makes so much from so little that the basis of action and reaction as in NEWTONIAN mechanics could explain the relativity of the usage of a box that does no work on the eventuality of the same force and the same basis of derived values in which the relativity is the same because a specific volume did not make it onto a rug or underneath it to be in such a parameter that there would be someone to pull the rugg out from underneath it and still make sense enough to be a frictional event between the 2 non related to events namely the positioning. So that the positioning plays no greater role, rather it is it the act of pulling a surface that makes relative sense in the universe of displacement and the existance of such surfaces in close proximity to each other just like the Earths atmosphere and its higher exposure to space; but without the object we just defined as a non eventuality…meaning that in PLATOS WORLD OF IDEAS there is no place for the spaceship mooving to another plane and displaceing through such sheets pulled from under each other but by a friction that combines their relative pull and the directions of the pull..









multiple oscillations of solid fluid states by universal values of relativity



Non-Newtonian fluids exhibit a variety of different correlations between shear stress and ….and expressing kinematic viscosity in units of Saybolt Universal Seconds (SUS). …. Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefore hold peaks. …. Values of eddy viscosity used in modeling ocean circulation may be from 

9 Jun 2009  In general relativity, gravitation arises out of spacetime being curved by  In 1687 Newton published his work on the universal law of gravity in  Newton’s law of gravitation states that: every particle in the …. based on a fluid-based explanation where a light gas fills the entire universe. 


14 Sep 2010  Over a hundred million voters from fifty states cast their ballot, …. states ofsolid, liquid, and gas, but also a number of exotic states such as plasmas or superfluids. ….one can discern certain long-term oscillations in this …. Another instance where theuniversal laws of fluid mechanics 


Home of Wiki & Reference Answers, the world’s leading Q&A site  Thus atmospheric water prevents violent diurnal oscillations in the earth’s ….. It has a molecular weight of 18.016 and is the most universal solvent known. ….. Water in three states: liquid, solid (ice), and (invisible) water vapor in the air. 


He also introduced Compton frequency, which is a kind of oscillation and circulation of the The reason behind this is that in The Special Theory of Relativity….. The theorem simplystates that in quantum mechanics, the value of  For the values to be interrelated we need an active media which not only 


27 Jun 2010  MINOS [for Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Searc.  They are wrong on auniversal scale. This has been proven, and indeed it is where  Polynomials which represented the values given by relativity, so basically, ….. to show cracks since it has a lot less solid experimental data behind it. 




the ideal state of a gas at room temperature

The heat capacity at constant pressure of 1 J·K−1 ideal gas is: …. Gases tend to behave as an ideal gas over a wider range of pressures when the 



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