always the force

you can clearly see the andromeda galxies own globular clusters in the field that defines both the ANDROMEDA galaxy and the MILKY WAY

so why are they the same

By Henryk Szubinski

the special detail is here shown as delayed responses to the actual globular clusters that are camouflaged  into the general star field infront of it caused by the milky way galaxies own stars:

This would imply a basic division


amount of stars in milky way / amount of globular clusters in alternate galaxy = the visability of the Andromeda globulars by the luminoscity of the greater than or less than value that defines the additional volume of stars

Basically what is happening here is the full field of the volume relations to the universe at large by the special cases of fields that define the localised positionings of the zone density in its basic common value MEAN as the 10 stars per cm squ

meaning that the amount of stars used for the equation will have

1 +2 +3 / 3 = mean value

or in real case scenarios as with galaxies

x+y / number of galaxies= globular clusters force

as the basics of the whole field and the amount of alterability of the full field

10 cm squ and the 100 000 light years of a galaxy divided into the  amount of clustering per 10 cm square of area or volume = the amount of additionals as = to the density alterations of additional 10 or 20 stars cm squ

so that the whole displacement to and from is definable on the event of a responsive value of force by the same relation with the Andromeda for example as being in a reduction of 20 stars cm squ

in which case the whole interactive force of the related to similarity of camouflage =10-20 /10 x 100 000

-10 divisives of the area prime as 1 x 10 to -10 in the inverse law of a area fold over itself by 10 events so that the point would be compacted into

/ 1 million S = on the basis of a divisive equalisation force

so that the amount of a galaxy system in total having 10 000 / 10 =1000

stars in both vector directions of the Milky way and the andromeda = 2000 stars that are / 1 million S3

as the basic equalisation = 200 / S3

or the basic equalisations of this value in light years as is responsive on each side to its own parameter by the law of 1/3 + 1/3

= 2/3 of the distance between them as a specific force value

so that 1 million light years =600 000 ( 200 ) / S3

where the nes displacement value has fased into S3 for each 1/3 = S 6

so that

1.2 million / 6S = 1/2 force of predivisives



= the half way point relations of galaxy and size as they appear to be prior to division of what is known to be the half way point because 6x 2 = 12

so tha half way point can be calculated by knowing the multiple doubling of the 6 as the divisive of 12


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