spaceship motor

spaceship motor

By Henryk Szubinski

evaporation motors

accelerated force evaporation of universe  heat displacement H2O

Milankovitch Theory describes the collective effects of changes in the Earth‘s movements upon its climate, named after Serbian civil engineer andmathematician Milutin Milanković, who worked on it during First World War internment. Milanković mathematically theorised that variations in eccentricityaxial tilt, and precession of the Earth’s orbit determined climatic patterns on Earth.

Circular orbit, no eccentricity.

This picture from wikipedia show the milankovitch-related insolation at 65 deg ….. If youforce a temperature change first, CO2 will follow (and amplify the  To view the overlap spectra of CO2 vs H2O use this link… half way down the …. of enhanced heat transport, namely enhanced evaporation/precipitation. 

vaporation is a type of vaporization of a liquid, that occurs only on the surface of a liquid. The other type of vaporization is boiling, that instead occurs on the entire mass of the liquid. Evaporation is also part of the water cycle.

Evaporation is a type of phase transition; it is the process by which molecules in a liquid state (e.g. water) spontaneously become gaseous (e.g. water vapor). Generally, evaporation can be seen by the gradual disappearance of a liquid from a substance when exposed to a significant volume of gas.Vaporization and evaporation however, are not entirely the same processes.[citation needed]

Orbit with 0.5 eccentricity.

construct data = the basis of the functions of a spaceship motor by the formats of value only must have a process to define the astrophysics; even though this implies the typee of particle that would accellerate the spaceship: BUT there must be a particle model even though the Chemistry is not similar to the formats of construct values in the data on particles such as the small ones down to the level of where the spaceship starts to be a format for the usage or non usage of mezons, quarks, and the related state of the definition of how a spaceship would work; by the formats only = a spacetime problem where the resultance is only=

to the similarity by Reynolds disgramms

as well as the type particles that are active such as HIGGS BOSONS:

data on vectors into a format for vectorisations + x

= the process of the general force of the involved levels of the process RESISTANCE

= to the fields or volumes of similar processess but dissimilar on opposed frictions generated by the process of the implied minimalisations

of reversed inertia = to the state of similar particle INERTIA

= to values where the minimalised HEAT evaporations of the reduced levels of a process +1 = the vector process of the particle BITS in evaporated remnance of a Force =forced particle accellerated spaceship activations.

INERTIA ( a + F +1) = Heat evap (S+x) (resistance)+1

Reynolds number in pipe friction

Pressure drops seen for fully-developed flow of fluids through pipes can be predicted using the Moody diagram which plots the Darcy–Weisbach friction factor f against Reynolds number Re and relative roughness ε / D. The diagram clearly shows the laminar, transition, and turbulent flow regimes as Reynolds number increases. The nature of pipe flow is strongly dependent on whether the flow is laminar or turbulant

Moody diagram.jpg

data on accellerated spheres as the formats for force of the process escapancy in force levels = a boostable type

1 H2O motor in which the mass values are defined as specific displacements.

INERTIA ( a + F +1) = Heat evap (S+x) (resistance)+1

the basis in basic reduced formats as

S 3 (a/F)=Heat evap reversal

=- H.e/S3


data on the force of the process divisive non reversable force (n.r.F)

= accellerated -x(a)

where S3 = -3a


by occilations of H.e ( heat evaporation)


where S = displacement

H= heat

a = accelleration

e= evaporation

Evaporative equilibrium

Vapor pressure of water vs. temperature. 760 Torr = 1 atm.

If evaporation takes place in a closed vessel, the escaping molecules accumulate as a vapor above the liquid. Many of the molecules return to the liquid, with returning molecules becoming more frequent as the density and pressure of the vapor increases. When the process of escape and return reaches an equilibrium,[1] the vapor is said to be “saturated,” and no further change in either vapor pressure and density or liquid temperature will occur. For a system consisting of vapor and liquid of a pure substance, this equilibrium state is directly related to the vapor pressure of the substance, as given by the Clausius-Clapeyron relation:

\ln \left( \frac{ P_2 }{ P_1 } \right) = - \frac{ \Delta H_{ vap } }{ R } \left( \frac{ 1 }{ T_2 } - \frac{ 1 }{ T_1 }  \right)

where P1P2 are the vapor pressures at temperatures T1T2 respectively, ΔHvap is the enthalpy of vaporization, and R is the universal gas constant. The rate of evaporation in an open system is related to the vapor pressure found in a closed system. If a liquid is heated, when the vapor pressure reaches the ambient pressure the liquid will boil.

The ability for a molecule of a liquid to evaporate is largely based on the amount of kinetic energy an individual particle may possess. Even at lower temperatures, individual molecules of a liquid can evaporate if they have more than the minimum amount of kinetic energy required for vaporization.

File:Water vapor pressure graph.jpg

Much of the universe’s water may be produced as a byproduct of star formation. …. ocean surface caused by the tidal forces of the Moon and the Sun acting on the oceans. ….. Theevaporation of water carries heat away from the fire. 

Much of the universe’s hydric acid may be produced as a byproduct of star ..

For example, the release of latent heat by rain in the ITCZ drives ..

Exothermic process: A process in which heat is given off to the ….. sense ….. increased value division accelerated universe inputs increase divisive increase …. Mayor improvement in wikipedia’s thermal/statistical physics articles … ….. displacement force in large sets ice of H2O divisive alterations universe

12 Jun 2009  Dandoloff calls this the quantum anticentrifugal force create mini-black holes that will NOT evaporate (A big problem for the rest of us!  is “Einstein’s blockuniverse in which nothing happens.  Or accelerated dilation? We measure these events, but they can’t exist if spacetime does not. 

universe definitions of new force processess into new resultance H2O … data on H2O type 1 -From Wikipedia (see Web Links ….. motion by spacetime displacements …  At the same time, mechanical work and heat are process quantities … 

Much of the universe’s water may be produced as a byproduct of star formation. …. ocean surface caused by the tidal forces of the Moon and the Sun acting on the oceans.  Water is thus essential and central to these metabolic processes….. Water used in the productionof a good or service is virtual water. 

This picture from wikipedia show the milankovitch-related insolation at 65 deg … Evaporation is a type of phase transition; it is the process by which  universe definitions of new force processess into new resultance H2O … data 

BFFFF of the process to …by a letter in a letter friends … function …. average 1% ofH2O, can at best save the time it took for the evaporation … ….. type water protein forcemultiples data H2O ice vector volumes Universe …. in a ….. This crude vector-drawing wassimilar to an early Executor production

Here is a little compilation of information I created for Wikipedia, before it was  HHO gas is produced using a generator known as the H2O 1500 which is also  *In the production of HHO Gas, there is no evaporation process at all, …… in the universe, if there is anything we should be burning, this is it. 

5 Jan 2010  of radical CH3 from the H2O molecule of the water as the magnetic and ….separated in the universe as has been explained in the book. ….. cells of the system start the process of production of methyl CH3. …. Through evaporation of water from solutions, solid of carbon dioxide CO2 and 

12 Apr 2010  Technology allows for individual production and use but that ….. reliability and work-force costs created by the rapid adoption of ….. up in “The Restaurant at the End of theUniverse” by Douglas Adams. …… BUT, evaporation and convection have to increase if the surface ….. complete archive 

more complicated than the straightforward evaporation of H2O and its dissociation in the upper atmosphere. ….. brute force is the only cost-effective way of getting the job done. ….The Oberg–Fogg process for terraforming Venus begins in a …. the production of a crystalline structure (yet to be synthesized in 

Those three forces that rule the universe are gravity (simple gravity, or the amount ……Evaporation is something I had to do a gut check about or a little soul …… full combustionprocess, that’s when CO can be produced and become deadly ….. particles being mixed for atom production in an ongoing manner, 

Water in these bodies perpetually moves through a cycle of evaporation…. to the processof water moving up a narrow tube against the force of gravity. …. D2O is stable, however, the different from H2O being that D2O is heavier and  Scientists theorize that most of theuniverse’s water is produced as a 

19 Feb 2009 …. It is a complete void where not even light has penetrated.  The evaporation of Black Holes is by a theoretical processcalled Hawking Radiation (its …… to account for the descrepency in strength between gravity vs other forces, explanations for, say, 

23 Apr 2007  The idea of building a galaxy wide or even observable universe wide network If one were to increase the propulsive force by 3 orders of magnitude  walls to elongate them in a gradual lengthening process as required.  The idea involves the production of vast quantities of monopoles and then 

The modern search for life in the universe encompasses everything from exoplanets ….globular clusters are destroyed by evaporation/relaxation after they form. …. It is, asWikipedia is happy to tell you, “a region of space from which nothing, …. and these images show us the process as it unfolds. Whatever. 

Ethanol works but has serious bottlenecks in production since you need biomass to make it. No the equation is 1/2O2 +H2 goes to H2O so 4 oz of H2 would be ….. structure of the known universe from smallest object (Meteorite) …. turn will cause more evaporation, and denser atmospheric vapour. 

File:Villarceau circles.gif

The fibers of the Hopf fibration stereographically project to a family ofVillarceau circles in R3.

The Hopf fibration can be visualized using astereographic projection of S3 into R3. Herekeyrings mimick part of the Hopf fibration by showing some of the circles of the Hopf fibration which lie on a common torus.

In the mathematical field of topology, the Hopf fibration (also known as the Hopf bundle or Hopf map) describes a 3-sphere (a hypersphere in four-dimensional space) in terms of circles and an ordinary sphere. Discovered by Heinz Hopf in 1931, it is an influential early example of a fiber bundle. Technically, Hopf found a many-to-one continuous function (or “map”) from the 3-sphere onto the 2-sphere such that each distinct point of the 2-sphere comes from a distinct circle of the 3-sphere (Hopf 1931). Thus the 3-sphere is composed of fibers, where each fiber is a circle — one for each point of the 2-sphere.

This fiber bundle structure is denoted

S^1 \hookrightarrow S^3 \xrightarrow{\ p \, } S^2,

where S3 (the 3-sphere) is the total space, S2 (the ordinary 2-sphere) the base space, S1 (a circle) the fiber space, and pS3S2 (Hopf’s map) the bundle projection. The Hopf fibration, like any fiber bundle, has the important property that it is locallyproduct space. However it is not a trivial fiber bundle, i.e., S3 is not (globally) a product of S2 and S1. This has many implications: for example the existence of this bundle shows that the higherhomotopy groups of spheres are not trivial in general. It also provides a basic example of a principal bundle, by identifying the fiber with the circle group.

Stereographic projection of the Hopf fibration induces a remarkable structure on R3, in which space is filled with nested tori made of linking Villarceau circles. Here each fiber projects to a circle in space (one of which is a “circle through infinity” — a line). Each torus is the stereographic projection of the inverse image of a circle of latitude of the 2-sphere. (Topologically, a torus is the product of two circles.) One of these toruses is illustrated by the image of linking keyrings on the right.

There are numerous generalizations of the Hopf fibration. The unit sphere in Cn+1 fibers naturally over CPn with circles as fibers, and there are also real,quaternionic, and octonionic versions of these fibrations. In particular, the Hopf fibration belongs to a family of four fiber bundles in which the total space, base space, and fiber space are all spheres:

S^0\hookrightarrow S^1 \rightarrow S^1, \,\!
S^1\hookrightarrow S^3 \rightarrow S^2, \,\!
S^3\hookrightarrow S^7 \rightarrow S^4\,\!
S^7\hookrightarrow S^{15}\rightarrow S^8. \,\!

In fact these are the only such fibrations between spheres.

The Hopf fibration is important in twistor theory.

the formats for interlooping in a process of rotation will by  a angle of vergance be opposed at the full rotation into what is in a spacetime, unseen such as Shrödinger paradox = to the formats of rotation and the sectionings of singiularity which cause a displacement in heat .

Wien’s displacement law states that the wavelength distribution of radiated heat energy from a black body at any temperature has essentially the same shape as the distribution at any other temperature, except that each wavelength is displaced, or moved over, on the graph. The average heat energy in each mode with frequency ν only depends on the combination ν/T. Restated in terms of the wavelengthλc/ν, the distributions at corresponding wavelengths are related, where corresponding wavelengths are at locations proportional to 1/T.

From this general law, it follows that there is an inverse relationship between the wavelength of the peak of the emission of a black body and its temperature when expressed as a function of wavelength (frequency gives a different peak as noted later), and this less powerful consequence is often also called Wien’s displacement law in many textbooks.

\lambda_{\mathrm{max}} = \frac{b}{T}

where λmax is the peak wavelength, T is the absolute temperature of the blackbody, and b is a constant of proportionality called Wien’s displacement constant, equal to 2.8977685(51)×10−3 m·K (2002 CODATA recommended value)


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