black cockatoo force

the black cockatoo force

By Henryk Szubinski

Europeiska flaggan

4 freedooms ; the 5th framework: the freedoom of knowledge moovement: Chordis6; the 7th framework.Chordis

THE GIANT BLACK RED CRESTED COCKATOO:this thing flies like a terradacktyle; Aboriginals called this bird the complicator of gaed records making the first sighteings of it go back 40 000 years making it the pladesaurous of the EARTH in the water world:

AS  a theorem of artificial intelligence :

displacements of the forced durational increase of the data sustained parameter of basic vectors out of the universe

The IQs of a large enough population can be modeled with a Normal Distribution.

Intelligence is an umbrella term describing a property of the mind comprehending related abilities, such as the capacities for abstract thoughtreasoningplanningproblem solvingspeech, andlearning.

Theories of intelligence are two-fold: (i) the “single intelligence” based upon the unilinear construct of “general intelligence”, and (ii) the construct of multiple intelligences. Influenced by his cousin Charles DarwinFrancis Galton was the first scientist to propose a theory of general intelligence; that intelligence is a true, biologically-based mental faculty that can be studied by measuring a person’s reaction times to cognitive tasks. Galton’s research in measuring the head sizes of British scientists and laymen led to the conclusion that head-size is unrelated to a person’s intelligence.

Alfred Binet, and the French school of intelligence, believed intelligence was a median average of dissimilar abilities, not a unitary entity with specific, identifiable properties.

By Henryk Szubinskiphonograph cylinders ended in 1929 []. ….. With our displacement-sensitive keyboard, we control the …. basic, fundamental way of mimicking the musical articula- …. discretized in duration. Here, the low C is sustained …. from coming out of one of the holes) forced it into a hose 

21 Oct 2008  As I already pointed out, The Nature Conservancy — which has over 700 …. It will also force a “forcing feedback mechanism” that will further ….. Specifically, it is the depth,duration and frequency of soil moisture …. Reference 14 in the wiki article says, “polar bears are thought to have 

Heat Engine Link [] ….. Also, longer the vertical column of water, the longer the duration of singing one can hear, ….. This convection ordisplacement of some portion of the fluid (water,  For a heavier packet the weight force increases causing the packet to sink to a 

The study of forced displacement as a result of dam construction provides valuable ……Source: ….. cross-sectional analysis was carriedout on secondary data for the …… The combination of high temperatures, increased frequency and duration of heat waves and 

type 1 H2O

Wikipedia Logo Wikipedia. Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. …. for coastal upwelling as wind-driven currents tend to forced to the right of the winds ….. may also influence the type, duration, and strength of rip currents:  can be generated due to large-scale displacement of the ocean water. 

the flying car formattor as based on comparisons of flight type 1 for high sustainability of flying a car:

on the red crested giant cockatoo which cannot be seen any more; A.I had a good opertunity to observe its flight patterns in a park next to the Nepean university where i studied geo biology;

A bird that uses its giant crest to controll flight vectors but thats not all………………

the closest relative is the red tailed cockatoo; a problem within aboriginal myths as very strange behaviour that condemns the involvances due to the non language format of the CURSE that cannot be uncursed.

The bird is a user of the cool shadows for drop wing flying and exchanges in the degree of vergance as the heat increases:

its cry preceeds the position it is in as a type 1 eagle: as being a type glider with its audio format:which it uses to guide its flight; basically 2 wing flapps to a lower verge at the 3 d flapp moovement means it can controll the subsequent 4 th stage by 3 subsequent wingflap moovements in a gentle moovement; In short meaning it was the only bird that could count its own beat to the process of flying:

the black cockatoo is the only bird with a wing ratio = to the fiull length of its body as compared to the general velocity of its flight while not flapping its wings = to the velocity of the sustained

wing left + wing right ( displacement)= full body length ( velocity )

as such the data on the process in which value by ramfications of the vector displacements are vector basic to 3 S

as the full intergrations of the process to decellerate into a non reversal state relationship with the process by which dynamic resistance is possible on the basis of the full value B = modificationality of the process in each section = 3 B

as the full format of the data and the designated flight functions of the type moovement that qualifies it for the position of user of the air while also basing its prime S = response to R = S

in which the data on the force of the amount of time spent drifting around with its wings down is a peculiar sight to see. The basics of S siustainement by the usage of R formats with air friction reduced to a minimal.

the Blue mountain region where this one was sighted is a a rea special to the vapours of eucalyptus so that the bird can sustain a glide format by the same process by which koalas can nurish themselves at 1/2 of its singular eucalypptus leave diet by the sense of the smell of it as a type drug induced relationship with prolonged LEAVES from the eaucalyptus only; the coockatoo black giant type with the red cresed giant comb is basic to the flying at very long durations by the eucalyptus alone: The region is known of as the blue mountains because the eucalyptus gives the vapour its characteristic blue haze.

But how we experience the duration of the present moment and what …… 1. we don’t observe the universe increase it’s mass by a factor of approx. ….. so the type of TIMEline we will travel on is only a conceptual vector of TIME. …. That was when I found out that time was not a thing but a living force that 

Processess that define the functionings of a alteration of the basic …. data reversalparameter alterations singularity reversal force change rate universe force the rate of change of the … images courtesy of wikipedia. ….. data by ….. orthocenter universe vectors resistance force displacements divisors of 

4 freedooms :boost in forwards relativity of force displacement … ….. Where in the universeis there no force? … -From Wikipedia (see Web Links to the … …… basic system reference to a data function of a similar vector away from a …. Finding out what parameter valuesforce the system into a chaotic regime 

The displacement of a spectral line owing to redshift can be used to calculate the …..Redshift values at various distances out to the edge of the Universe…… In addition to cosmological parameters, there are also many basic ….. The ones quoted in the Wikipediaweb site on the Constant are “on the order of 

In a Universe consisting of multiple vibratory levels of space-time,  Change was not denied, but merely reduced to the displacement of the atoms, each of which  and throughout a definite duration of time, apart from any essential ….. is perhaps most simply explained in the following extract from Wikipedia

As the amplitude of the vibrations increases, the damping force is being applied over a ……Wave patterns If the magnitude of a wave’s velocity vector is ….. the basic physics involved in the evolution of the universe starting a few …… 76 Reflection of fish: Jan Derk, Wikipediauser janderk, public domain. We are forced to conclude that Catt …. to pointout that the mathematical expression for displacement current is …… the density increasewith redshift from the stretching of the universe as you make the gravitational parameterG a vector which depends on various 

Physics is the study of the universe in terms of its basic constituents (what is . …. 8.3 TheForce Vector and Simple Machines. 8.4 Calculus With Vectors…… from the known velocity, duration, and constant acceleration value? …… #630 Acceleration – Simple EnglishWikipedia, the free encyclopedia (cached) 

Wikipedia says cases of true polar wander have occurred several times in the course of the….. which states that the solid angle traced out by its angular momentum vector as  The interpretation of paleomagnetic data is founded on two basic …. Over the 15 million yearduration of this true polar wander event, …. made up of more basic particles, quarks. These quarks are linked to  out and the universe should be empty. However, as anyone can see, ….. It will thus show that sustained and reliable energy …… i.e. to observe disturbances in the star’s displacement

The basic testing resulted in verification of the design, analysis, ….. Montreal Axion –Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia …. Fusion energy is the fundamental energy source of theUniverse…. A transient population balance model, fitted to experimental breakage data, was able to model an increase in the 

data storage and sharing, including wiki based lab notebooks,  famous USGS topographic maps), and Digital Line Graphs (vector data derived from the ….. The Cornell LargeDisplacement Soil-Structure Interaction Facility is used for  Digital Data Universe. 2006. To stand the test of time: Long-term 

13 Jan 2009 — Pure Energy Systems Wiki: Finding and facilitating breakthrough clean energy technologies. …. However, the vertical displacement of soil in frost heaving can ….. Increase the temperature difference in the heat engine  PDF) Rotary valve and system for duration and phase control 

An important field of plasma physics is the stability of the plasma. It usually only makes sense to analyze the stability of a plasma once it has been established that the plasma is in equilibrium. “Equilibrium” asks whether there are net forces that will accelerate any part of the plasma. If there are not, then “stability” asks whether a small perturbation will grow, oscillate, or be damped out.

In many cases a plasma can be treated as a fluid and its stability analyzed with magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). MHD theory is the simplest representation of a plasma, so MHD stability is a necessity for stable devices to be used for nuclear fusion, specifically magnetic fusion energy. There are, however, other types of instabilities, such as velocity-space instabilities in magnetic mirrors and systems with beams. There are also rare cases of systems, e.g. the Field-Reversed Configuration, predicted by MHD to be unstable, but which are observed to be stable, probably due to kinetic effects.

Active feedback control of MHD instabilities should allow operation beyond the “passive” stability limits. Localized rf current drive at the rational surface is predicted to reduce or eliminate neoclassical tearing mode islands. Experiments have begun in ASDEX–U and COMPASS-D with promising results, and are planned for next year in DIII–D. Routine use of such a technique in generalized plasma conditions will require real-time identification of the unstable mode and its radial location. If the plasma rotation needed to stabilize the resistive wall mode cannot be maintained, feedback stabilization with external coils will be required. Feedback experiments have begun in DIII–D and HBT-EP, and feedback control should be explored for the RFP and other configurations. Physics understanding of these active control techniques will be directly applicable between configurations.

“Singular Points” or “Singularities” occur in mathematics when a curve intersects itself or creates a cusp at the particular point. It is said that the curve at this point is in some sense not “well-behaved.”  In the following curves the misbehavior consists of partial derivatives of x and y equaling zero.

Node animation

The node is located at the origin of the curve. It is characterized by the equation x3-x2+y2=0.
This node is an ordinary double point.

Isolate node

The origin above is an “isolated” point of the curve. It is obtained from the equation x3+x2+y2=0.


The cusp or spinnode is another type of singularity which is, too, a double point. It is characterized by two branches of a curve meeting where the tangents are equal to one another. This cusp has the equation x3-y2=0.


The curve is called a tacnode, it is also a double point like the cusp. The tacnode is a point on a graph where the two, or possibly

more, osculating circles meet at a tangent. The tacnode below is at the origin. The osculating part of the graph comes from the

latin circulum osculans, which means ” kissing circles “.
It’s equation is 2x4-3x2y+y2-2y3+y4=0.

Triple point

The origin above is is an ordinary triple point it is represented by (x2+y2)2+3x2y-y3=0


The origin above is is an ordinary quadruple point and it has multiplticty four. It’s tangents coincide in pairs. And it is represented by (x2+y2)3-4x2y2=0.


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