sci fi reality…connecting agencies..




By Henryk Szubinski..

non process SOLD certainty of everything ever measured in total gravity relations that has a comparative level of gravity by the barrier of a x process =g

-1 =person (human)

(1-g ) =(-1.F)

where F = value



the observer in a non effected immunity consequence of the process to have been in the process count of every civilisations and being able to take the way through it without recourse for paymeent of the real and only motivation in the histroy of civilisation= to have the exterior volumes of the data on ebeing obseved as the only 1 dimensional format of the display of the displaced value to a 3 dimensional reality of the price of a exchange of values in every format as aquired wealth of the story..


pirate-space-ship.jpg big ship image by macbernick


rthe basis of AGENCY is from the term of its usage in the Indiana Jones depictions of a character that gets the case to locate a object;

the objects are designated as ARTIFACTS



and are processed into a order of value that connects them to lower civilisations that can be numbered in the millions even billions..

The basis is the object and the class of reality to which it belongs as being responsible for a whole awareness of reality that belongs to the designated  10000000000 th world..

The usage of certain objects were classified as of value that makes them penetrate reality meaning that they would have surface similarity to oppositions in the artifact cause; in other words a destination of a planet of sawagery to which the object was defined usable on basis of a displacement to open its relations by spaceships——->TO JUNGLE WORLDS FILLED WITH PRIMITIVITY (OF NO INTELLIGENT CLASS VALUE)



MEANING THAT EARTHLINGS OR HUMANS WOULD BE defined as high contact value….the processing of such objects as the scull of Damarkus

of the 294643892 th world with a object Artifiact desegenic= to a world order of such depth into the levels of suffocation that experience was classed on the orders of a library of Artifacts and their booby trap sequenced activations by no escape: the artifacts are catalogued and placed into a warehouse with miniature system Tactility designs by computer aided interactions IMMERSION.



Teese worlds are designated as being previous to even Water (H2O) environments…


the ways to theese planets is not there….THE connections to them are only made

on primitive rites  where the agent from the agencie makes the Jungle connection by a device TRansporter ..the Artifiact is altered in dimension from one primitive rite to another…the value is accerted ..and the primitives aquire it with the time dialations imprint which makes it seem valuable…The freedoom of knowledge basis makes it now impossible to use object alterations times for abuse by seduction a reality..

The point to be made here is that 3 sequences from any movie on a primnitive ritual can be made to seem as connective as the agency to ones own agent of wrongdoing…..With such great error..there is a question as to what a human being is capable of…in his own backyard green space with a film camera..

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